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Founder: :iconorganization-hearts: organization-hearts

Members: :iconorganization-hearts::iconkawaiiusagianimegirl::iconkingdomhearts-attack::iconbleachartist:

Admins: :iconorganization-hearts:

KLHL= Kingdomly Heartly

Kingdom Hearts && Fooly Cooly comes together so if yura fan you know what to do!

Ok so Im not much of a great artist im still very, very young. I also don't have photoshop but thats where you come in. If you think you can draw really god and have copic markers and/or photoshop i can give credit and upload it or something? I need admin. i think? welps i hope i can do this ^^; well ill upload the poor pics of the OCs

the Sora/Haruko: Hana

the Kairi/Naoto: Takeshi

the Riku/Mamimi: Kishi

other OCs

thats it so far.

Ill strt withs sketch and theyre stats. Then ill color with colored pencils or paint^^


:bulletred: have a passion for either Kingdom Hearts or Fooly Cooly (FuriKuri)
:bulletblue: send a note with subject "Join" and tell me why you want to join
:bulletpurple: Watch  this account
:bulletgreen: If you want you can ask to be an admin or send fanart


:bulletred: It can be either FLCL or KH or both at the same time or one of the OCs
:bulletgreen: It may not contain yaoi/yuri/hentai KEEP IT CLEAN!


:bulletpurple: No flamming. You either be posotive about things or sorry about your negativity
:bulletblue: Agai no yaoi/yuri/hentai (although i like yaoi a little) PLZ KEEP IT CLEAN! unless its just closeness like hugs or something?
:bulletred: Plz try to put us in ur journal
:star:GO HAVE FUN ^^:star: (not a rule!)

:above:We need help. We specifically need help onna icon. Like maybe an icon like Theres a pic of Sora, then Haruko, then a isgn that says KLHL or something plz much appreciated.:below:
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Bubydub Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2007
Welcome to deviantART and thanks for the fav! : D
KLHL Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2007
do you mind if i use that picture to upload(im a club) ill give credit to you and may i use it as a webcam pic?
Bubydub Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2007
Oh, sure!
KLHL Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2007
thnak you.
Bubydub Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2007
Which picture?
KLHL Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2007
the one i faved. you know the one with kairi as mamimi sora as naoto? and riku as haruko
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